Downhill Skills day


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Richard Pargeter-

“Great day, would come again and definitely recommend. Taking things back to basics helped smooth out my riding and brought extra speed”

Stuart Wildish-

“Great day despite mechanical failures and busted foot. Improved my jumping and berms so got all I wanted. Would defo come back!”

Simon Daykin-

“Great day. Good instructions + continual feedback + varied content. Body position and berm riding are the main things which have improved my riding already”

Chris Walker-

“Definitely come again. Learned a lot. Pace was excellent, great to have a rider to show what Max was explaining. Very good mix of skills, sessioning, mixing up to suit the group. Great that a warm up was done, shows the professionalism.”

Richard Hixson

“Yes would definitely come again.Constructive feedback and repetition of sections really helped. Then riding sections previously ridden showed just how amazing the advice was – Instant improvement! Brilliant.”

James Brown

“Fantastic progressive step by step instruction.Top day,very enjoyable.”

Gary McGillan

“Another fantastic session,learned loads as usual.Big thanks to Max and Dan.”

Jamie Fagan-

Great course for the beginner/intermediate rider. Start with the basics and work up. Everything demonstrated by Max and dan properly. There’s a chance to work on specific things you ask for with time at the end of the day. Really good if you want a bit more confidence. I wanted to work on switchbacks and cornering and feel I now know the propa technique And what to go and practise.

Rachel Simpson

I signed up for a skills session with Max ahead of my first race of the year. It was brilliant! The day started with Max assessing our basic skills before moving on to looking at drops, berms, technical sections, speed, flow and jumps. There was something for everyone. With a group of riders with different learning styles, Max approach to coaching catered for everybody with great demonstrations and then calm, helpful guidance before, throughout and after. Rather than just telling you what to do he encouraged you to self-assess how you rode different sections straight after you had done them – a vital skill to enable you to take the learning home with you and build on it. I would definitely recommend a coaching session with Max and being located at Descend Hamsterley adds further value to what Max has to offer! I finished the day on an absolute high, with my basic skills polished up and new skills in place – I cleared my first double! Thanks a lot Max!

Neil Mitchell

Had an amazing day with coaching with Max. he’s a great guy to get on with and an even better coach. Does his best to tell you where you’re going wrong and will do his up most best to help you until you do it right! the course was fun and enjoyable and we covered everything from drops to jumps to berms to body position. I could tell by the end of the day i was a better rider and by watching everybody else i could see they all were too. I heard everybody in the group say they would recommend the course to anyone, that speaks for itself. if you want to improve your riding then do this course. thanks.

Stephen Paynter

Max, is a brilliant instructor. This is the second time I have used him, on both occasions for the downhill course at Hamsterley. His instruction is clear, easy to follow and fun. He is extremely knowledgable and has the ability to break everything down into manageable chunks and demonstrate everything. His tuition is relaxed, informative and most of all fun. Book him you will not be disappointed.

Andrew D

I’m always doubt when people say 5 out of 5 but….I didn’t know what to expect from today. I’ve been XC for a few years and got into DH in the past couple of years, but have done full DH runs this year. Hence the reason for taking the course, as I thought it would be at best a confidence builder. What I ended up with is jumping further, I cleared the table top of the first time today and I was jumping further of the 4X, so that was the visible evidence of my improvement today, but along side that is my body position that has changed (for the better), my improvement in corners, which improves my own belief and how to control my bike in general. I did want to do the drop of doom, but Max nor Dan said that I could do it, but didn’t pressure me into doing it, which I didn’t. The reason why I tell this is because its not only the improves which I feel the need to share, but its also the fact that I didn’t a lesser person by saying I don’t feel confident to do that. Basically, if you feel the need to improve your confidence and your riding ability, take this course. It’s chilled out and enjoyable 🙂

One2One Coaching-

Gill Dando-Intro DH skills

“I was dead nervous about today + was close to bottling out yesterday but I’m so glad I didn’t”

It was great doing the bits of the 4X+getting into it slowly. I’ve never had the nerve to pedal at jumps or drop offs before .(Ok so still a couple I didn’t manage). Glad in a way I’ve got more to practice + I’m sure I’ll get them feeling easy in a few more weeks.

Defo have another session”.

Debbie Perrins-Intro DH Skills

“I really enjoyed the coaching sessions. They have helped me develop my skills so much. I never thought I would be going down a downhill course so fast after learning the skills from Max.It was well worth the experience. I still can’t believe I conquered the rock gardens and steep corners. Thank you Max”.

Bill Walton and Claire Hammal-Trail/XC Skills

“Coaching was to a very high standard, everything explained + shown with no issue being shown over and over. Has helped bring on confidence and taught new skills on the bike for technical riding. Would certainly recommend the training to others. Brilliant day out and well worth the money. Thank you”.

Stephen Paynter-Intro DH Skills

“An amazing morning with Max,he worked at my pace ,went through the basics and made everything fun .He’s always positive and already looking forward to another lesson with him very soon.Superb!!!”

Gary Mcgillan-Intro DH Skills

“Had the most amazing session,working on drops,jumps,berms,body position.Feel much more relaxed on the bike ,learned so much ,has gave me more confidence to tackle harder trails”.

Tony Nicholas-Trail/XC skills

“After a few hours with Max,I was carrying more speed on the trails,hitting jumps and drops and having tons more fun! I can’t thank Max enough for helping me get my mojo back.Cheers dude!”.

Lukasz Silorski – DH Skills 

Excellent course and highly recommended. Max explained some of the theory before gradually putting it into practice, this really helped me understand what I needed to do to improve. By the end of the day I was definitely cornering faster and felt much safer and more in control of the drops. Thanks for your time, and patience ☺

Beth Eyles- Intro DH Skills

Really good experience, I have leant a lot .Feel like my riding has improved . Friendly and helpful coaching.

Iain Whitaker-Intro DH Skills

Really enjoyed the day,feel much more confident on the natural terrain now.Got exposure to different trail challenges that really pushed my skills and took me out of my comfort zone.Definitely leaving a better rider which is great. Will be coming back again to try and kick on another level when the weather is a bit warmer!

Jamie Fagan-DH Skills

Great course for the beginner/intermediate rider. Start with the basics and work up. Everything demonstrated by Max and Dan properly. There’s a chance to work on specific things you ask for with time at the end of the day. Really good if you want a bit more confidence. I wanted to work on switchbacks and cornering and feel I now know the propa technique And what to go and practise.

Julie Cheetham-DH Skills

Had a wicked day with Max, I got what I went for and that was confidence with drop off ‘s and jumps! Max has a very easy going coaching style- and if he thinks you can do something then you probably can! I would recommend him any day of the week and I for one will be going back 🙂

Dan Nellist – DH Skills

Just got back from a days 1-2-1 downhill training with Max, I was always one of those sceptics that didn’t believe that courses and tuition could really help. I’m a changed man! Will definitely be back in a few months and will recommend this course to anyone that brings up coaching.
Firstly the course itself is very flexible allowing you to tailor make it to suit you, I wanted to focus on carrying speed through steep switchbacks/ berms, drop offs and a bit of jumping. Tiny changes to my position that I would have never picked up on without someone like max watching and advising have meant vast improvements to every area of my biking, berms and switchbacks can now be taken with flow and smoothness and I can go away and build up speed by repeating the skills and techniques max has showed me.
My biggest amazement is drop offs, I’ve always struggled with anything that wasn’t rollable (if that’s even a word). Without really noticing, time flew by and by building up in size I ended up taking drops where the elevation between take off and landing was well above 6/7ft. This resulted in massive grins and the desire to get straight out on my bike again
Secondly max himself makes the course spectacular, he has such an awesome way of coaching that what he says sticks in your head and you trust every bit of advice, there is no way I would have attempted any of the jumps and drops I saw today. Genuinely top guy that I can’t recommend enough, really knows his stuff and within a day I have seen more improvement in my technique than I could have ever achieved in a year of riding on my own.

Andrea and James Fairman -Trail/XC Skills

We had a fantastic day’s coaching and learnt so much with Max from Endeavour. We’re both new to proper trails, having mainly ridden woodland roads, bridle ways and a bit of single track, and the blue routes at Hamsterley and Kielder once or twice. Max’s patient and clear instruction had us hammering confidently down red routes by the end of the day, it was brilliant. His manner and style of instruction was perfect for such a technical sport, with focused and specific advice on riding style, bike setup, trail analysis, and he easily identified where you were making mistakes and explained how to solve the problem, something many sports instructors just can’t do. All the instruction was done at an appropriate pace so that there was enough time to absorb and apply the teaching, but still have a lot of fun and stay warm on a minging weather day! We will definitely be back once we’ve practiced what we’ve learned, and I can’t recommend Endeavour Coaching highly enough. Just do it!

Jayne Antrobus – XC skills/ Guided ride

“I thought Max was a great coach. He was very patient with our novice level of experience & let us set our own pace.  I was worried he might have been a little more assertive and try too hard to encourage us to push ourselves.We tried the skills section of the course first and that was fun – got us excited for the actual trail and gave us a chance to get used to the bikes, etc.He has a very gentle demeanor coupled with obvious detailed knowledge of the location and the appropriate tactics for each section. We went on the afternoon to test our appetite for taking up the sport. We all agreed after the day – despite sore bodies and soggy clothes – that going again would be fun.I would definitely recommend using a guide for anyone who’s completing the course for the first time. It helps ensure that you’re following the route correctly, helps with tips on how to use the bike and how to use the way you ride to maximize the fun…”