How to DROP

Drops are a part of riding that a lot of people struggle with to start with. The dreaded OTB(Over The Bars) moment happens to most people early on. A few tweaks will make this a thing of the past and once you can do a medium sized drop above wheel height, the same technique can be used for much bigger drops. Some drops you pop/jump off, others (like the one in the video) you want the bike to drop down as quickly as possible so you have a smooth landing and can get setup for the next turn.


Here’s the basics-

1.Have your weight through your feet,heels down so the bottom bracket of the bike is weighted.(the keeps your weight off the front end).

2. Keep your stance central and relaxed – if you go back early , you’ll have no weight to shift.

3. As you come go off the drop, you push the bike away from you ; extending your arms and legs. If you can get your hips in line or just past the rear axle, the bike will stay level.

4.Once your back wheel is over, you can become looser on the bike to soak up the landing and you’ll automatically go back to a entered position.


Find a drop that challenges you but is within your comfort zone and repeat it until you get the timing right and the landing smooth.

Max Neely, April 29, 2016