Getting more AIRTIME

Being weightless , flying through the air has got to be one of the best feelings you can have on a bike. But how do you get higher? Read on to find out…

Find a jump you are comfortable with , then follow the steps.

1. Come into the jump in a relaxed stance, legs fairly straight with weight through heels.
2. As you come into the take off , load into the bike with your arms and legs – push into it . You go from straight legs to crouched down, then spring back up again as you get to the top of the lip , straightening your legs – similar to how you’d do a standing jump.
3. As you go in the air, let you knees bend a bit to let the bike come up – because you have pushed into the takeoff , the bike will stay with you in the air and your feet will stay on your pedals.
4. Look to the landing, allow your front wheel to come down first and let your weight go back through the pedals to get a smooth landing .
5. Repeat till your feel as relaxed hitting them as Ratboy looks !

Max Neely, April 13, 2016